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February 27, 2010 / johndahlman

La Bolleur Mini Golf

Dutch design collective La Bolleur is taking their Mini Golf Club to Milan. This spring Zona Tortona will be host to the playground.


Initially a creative and cultural meeting space, La Bolleur has in five short years become a multidisciplinary collective with a new location in the form of an abandoned farmhouse in the city center of Eindhoven.


“Today La Bolleur is more visible than ever, especially after winning a Dutch Design Award in 2009 for their excellent method of communicating their brand. La Bolleur presented itself as a mini golf club; with a self constructed nine hole course and a clubhouse with bar.”


“With a theme like mini golf, which appeals to many people La Bolleur proved again that they can also serve a more broad and diverse audience and even create events that perhaps seemed out of their league…”


La Bolleur Mini Golf Club,
Via Voghera 11, Milan
April 14th – 19th 2010

More images from La Bolleur:







I really, really want to play this.


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